Which Villain Are You From Harry Potter?

Harry Potter is one of the few literary and cinematic marvels that didn’t only give us some great heroes to look up to, but also villains that were so loathable, it was straight up fun hating them! Find out which one of them you are.

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    Do you consider yourself brave?

    • No, but I have the power to get things done, so it doesn’t matter.
    • Yes. I’m also filthy rich, so I get away with most things.
    • I’m literally the bravest person I know.
    • If I had to choose between killing and not killing, I’d kill twice.
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    Is money important to you?

    • I only care about power. Money comes with power.
    • I’m too busy torturing people to care about money.
    • Yes. How else am I going to feed my 209 cats?
    • Yes, extremely.
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    Do you enjoy a good ol’ murder?

    • I literally live to kill people.
    • I’d rather torture than murder.
    • If it involves someone who has managed to piss me off, yes.
    • I only pretend to like murder because my friends like it.
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    Do you believe in love?

    • Yes. I love myself and all my cats.
    • How do you spell love?
    • I love my family more than anything.
    • Yes, I love maiming and killing, yes.
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    Do you believe there are completely good people in the world?

    • No, everybody’s selfishly looking out for themselves.
    • Yeah, I guess, but I wouldn’t see it because I only pay attention to myself.
    • No. Nothing’s black and white, people are all grey.
    • Yes, this hufflepuff girl I threatened to dismember if she didn’t do my homework was a really warm girl. ‘
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    Are you evil?

    • Yes, and I’m proud.
    • If rumors are to be believed, yes.
    • I am such a sweet person! Do you want me to punish you?
    • Not really, I only do things to uphold my opinions.
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    If you were to be a mythical creature, what would you be?

    • Unicorn.
    • Vampire.
    • Werewolf
    • Djinn.
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    Who do you think is the most annoying?

    • Harry Potter
    • Hermione Granger
    • Ron Weasley
    • Neville Longbottom
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    Choose a quality you most identify with.

    • Cunning.
    • Evil.
    • Success.
    • Power

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