What’s Your Hogwarts House? New Harry Potter Quiz!

  • Question of

    Choose a magical creature.

    • Fluffy, the three headed dog.
    • Buckbeak, the Hippogriff
    • Fawkes, the Phoenix
    • Norberta, the Norwegian Ridgeback Dragon
  • Question of

    Choose a famous wizard.

    • Albus Dumbledore
    • Newt Scamander
    • Harry Potter
    • Tom Riddle
  • Question of

    Choose a spell.

    • Alohomora!
    • Crucio!
    • Expecto Patronum!
    • Riddikulus!
  • Question of

    Choose a quality.

    • Kindness
    • Fierceness
    • Knowledge
    • Cunning
  • Question of

    Choose a pet you want to take to Hogwarts.

    • Cat
    • Owl
    • Toad
    • Rat
  • Question of

    Choose a wizarding family.

    • The Weasleys
    • The Potters
    • The Malfoys
    • The Lovegoods
  • Question of

    You are in a city you have never been to. How would you navigate?

    • I’ll carry around a map.
    • Maps are for the weak! I’ll roam around the city all by myself.
    • I’ll ask the locals for the directions.
    • I have already asked my distant cousin who lives in the city to show me around.
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    Your friend finds out their partner is cheating on them. How would you advise them?

    • I’d ask them to leave their partner.
    • I’ll tell them it’s their own decision to make and I’ll stay out of it.
    • I’ll be there for them whenever they need me and ask them to follow their heart.
    • I’ll ask them to cheat on their partner as a revenge.
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    Your partner is unusually late to the date. What do you think they’re doing?

    • I think they’re cheating on me.
    • I think they’re busy with work.
    • I think they do not want to see me.
    • I think they forgot we had a date, just like last time I did.
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    You have a test the next day and you haven’t studied a word. What do you do?

    • What test?
    • I’d never wait so long to start studying.
    • I’d stay up the whole night and study as much as I need to pass the test.
    • There’s no surface known to man that one cannot use for cheating in a test.

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