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Potterhood’s Exclusive Customized Name Necklace goes with almost every outfit imaginable. This is the perfect name necklace for any Potterhead around the world. This name necklace is based on the same font as used in the original logo of Potterhood.


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Tap above to preview, how your name will look like on the necklace. 

DIMENSIONS: 50mm*18mm*2mm (Length varies with Customization)

This name necklace is exclusively available on Potterhood with worldwide free shipping. We have made this with finest quality material and high quality specialized machines. Potterhood Shop is known for the best after-sales support and trust.



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Sterling Silver, 18K Gold Plated, 18K Rose Gold Plated




Potterhood's Special 30 Days Warranty covers color fading or rusting naturally except physical damage.

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48 reviews for Potterhood Custom Name Pendant Necklace

  1. Michaela

    Got it today and it’s totally amazing…thanks a lot for this, totally worth it. awesome quality and looks really attractive, already got lots of compliments. Please put a feature on the reviews to upload the photo.

  2. Jennifer

    OMG! Got it from the first sale few days back. <3 It's love. <3 Fine box chain is definitely recommended, as I ordered the cable chain.

  3. Patricia

    Got mine today! … lol it was easy to order for me… my name is Patricia. totally satisfied. XD

  4. Jen

    It’s here with me today.. got it on the first day sale. and its simply perfect.

  5. Mary

    lovely piece of art

  6. Elle

    A little bit expnsv for me , quality is great. overall 4 strs

  7. John

    My gf has gone crazy when i gifted her this.. though she tagged me to get this for her. XD thanks to customer care for help.

  8. Potterhood Shopper

    Lovely piece of art!

  9. Potterhood Shopper

    totally worth the price. loving it already.. where i can upload the photos?

  10. Potterhood Shopper

    i got the gold color… in sterling silver. it is totally worth it. loving it already. i think .black color would look great.. for men. can you please make it?

  11. Potterhood Shopper

    loved it

  12. Potterhood Shopper

    highly recommended. i even purchased a wand from potterhood..but it wasn’t that great… but this one is totally insane. <3 x

  13. Potterhood Shopper


  14. Potterhood Shopper

    Got so many compliments in just one day at my college

  15. Potterhood Shopper

    loving it

  16. Potterhood Shopper

    thanks for the support and the help with this order. quality of necklace is really good, totally worth it. Bought another one for my best friend.

  17. Potterhood Shopper

    Received it in 10 days…my sis birthday is gone already. I feel really bad about this. Product is okay but not the delivery. >_<

  18. Potterhood Shopper

    Superb necklace … already loving it, got it in 12 days …and its the perfect jewelry I am having right now.

  19. Potterhood Shopper

    Great work guys! loved the product, it looks so expensive because of the quality.

  20. Potterhood Shopper


  21. Potterhood Shopper

    OMG! thanks for this product, it matches with my HP t shirt and the new hp Vans. ..<3

  22. Potterhood Shopper

    Loved the pendant even the chain but…the chain came broken out of the box ;( though I am getting a replacement for the chain from them.

  23. Potterhood Shopper

    It was an impulse buy for me.. like just saw the product and bought. I have bought wands and hoodie from here earlier. so far so good. 😉

  24. Potterhood Shopper

    loving my own necklace.. looks really good and attractive. Totally worth it. highly recommended.

  25. Potterhood Shopper

    The perfect jewelry for Potterheads, it looks really cool.

  26. Potterhood Shopper

    Delivery was like 14 days for me, but the product is superb, never seen before. Buying one more for my partner.

  27. Potterhood Shopper

    Out of the world. SUPERB!

  28. Potterhood Shopper

    Thank you so much Potterhood for the help regarding this product. I got the sterling silver – gold plated and my friends are going crazy.

  29. Potterhood Shopper

    Shipping was like 13 days, I can understand this is a customized product but it should take not more than 7-8 days. But the product is beautiful, never seen this type of necklace ever. Totally worth it. x

  30. Potterhood Shopper

    Highly recommended.

  31. Potterhood Shopper

    I bought one in sterling silver and silver color. Loved the necklace.. it would be great if you guys have in Gold as well.

  32. Potterhood Shopper

    I must say, that quality looks exceptional… I just wonder how this is created.

  33. Potterhood Shopper

    OMG! I am loving it already. Thanks a lot for this!

  34. Potterhood Shopper

    nice product, highly recommened

  35. Potterhood Shopper

    My husband got this for me x
    I am in love with this necklace not just because i am potterhead but the quality and the finishing is actually magical.

  36. Potterhood Shopper

    Seeing so many good reviews already, I am just like a panda. But these guys requested me to review. So here it is, it’s the perfect SUPER EYE-CATCHING necklace you can have, it looks really modern and so attractive. Got so many compliments today after wearing this. Thank you guys! xoxo

  37. Potterhood Shopper

    how it looks people? I am loving it. Thank you potterhood.

  38. Potterhood Shopper

    OMG! I am just loving this piece of art. Thank you so much!

  39. Potterhood Shopper

    highly recommended

  40. Potterhood Shopper

    finest quality at a good price, totally worth it

  41. Potterhood Shopper

    Perfect necklace for potterheads!

  42. Potterhood Shopper

    The product is perfect and looks really high quality, this was my first time ordering from Potterhood. The delivery took too much time, so rated one star less. But I can understand it’s customized product. It took 14 days for me in Germany.

  43. Potterhood Shopper

    Thank you so much for this! It’s really attractive, got so many compliments wearing this. This one is stainless steel, I will buy the sterling silver also soon.

  44. Potterhood Shopper

    Looks perfect! <3

  45. Potterhood Shopper

    OMG! I am in love with this necklace… it looks beautiful. Highly recommended, totally worth it.

  46. Potterhood Shopper

    It suits me so much, thanks potterhood xoxo

  47. Potterhood Shopper

    it looks amazing…thank you so much potterhood.

  48. Seven

    Was leuk zolang t duurde maar brak na een paar maanden over de helft.

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