Philosopher’s Stone special 20th anniversary: Hogwarts Houses editions!

Santa’s been nice to my daughter and I and we each received the edition matching our own Houses, that is the Gryffindor special edition for her and the Ravenclaw one for me.

(My apologies to all Slytherins and Hufflepuffs as I won’t be able to showcase pictures of your Houses special eds, but have a look anyway cause it will be quite similar.)

As always I haven’t taken every special page in picture as I don’t own the rights. This post is only designed to allow you a flipping through kinda glimpse so you can decide for yourself if this is an item you’d like to add to your own shelf. I know I hesitated for some time as I already own a copy of HP1 but I’m glad I finally went for it! It’s definitely a collector’s choice!

Also as some pages are common to all 4 editions (map, Table of Contents, the Sorting, Quiz, etc.), I only took pictures in one of the books.

So without further ado, enjoy this quick look!

And voil√† ! I’m sure the Slytherin and Hufflepuff editions are just as great! ;-)I hope this post will have been of some use to you if you were hesitating to go for it or if you hadn’t heard about these editions before. ^_^