A little flip through the Newest and Illustrated version of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them!

The release of a new Potter book is always a much awaited event for Potterheads everywhere, but it’s the release of a new edition of a book one already has, some of us with non-extensible finances may wonder if it’s really worth buying or not.

Well, IMHO, this one most definitely is!

I can’t say that I necessarily like all of the illustrations but it’s really nice either to read on its own or to use as a go-to Magical Beasts encyclopedia while re-reading the HP novels. Each time they mention a creature, I now turn to this book and look for it and it’s just really pleasant to be able to put a visual on a name!

The book in itself is of good quality with nicey aged-looking pages printed on thick paper, and a title written in golden letters. A beautiful item any fan will be delighted to put on their HP shelf 😉

My only regret: I think Thestrals are sadly missing but maybe Newt hadn’t seen anyone dying before him by the time he researched, wrote and published that book.

I would’ve really liked to have them included.

But that’s about the only negative point I could find!

For those who had the ancient version, just know that this one doesn’t bear Harry, Ron, and Hermione’s notes scribbled onto the pages. This isn’t meant to be “Harry’s” book, but your book, or rather feels like one we could’ve borrowed straight from Howarts’s library! so there are no markings.

As I do not own the rights to this book, I didn’t take pictures of all the pages, and I took them at odd angles (and slightly cropped them sometimes) on purpose to give you the feeling  you’d get were you flipping through it at your local bookstore, and so they can’t be reproduced or fully read.

The point is to give those with no local bookstore available near them the possibility of getting a glimpse of the content to decide whether or not they might be interesting in purchasing it… or adding it to their Christmas list 😉


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