Why you should download this Harry Potter App?

Harry Potter App

Potterhood: INSTALL NOW!

So you are a Harry Potter fan as you visited the website of Potterhood. Do you even know about wizards? Do you know they have their separate app just like Facebook? So we will be telling you about this mobile app that is just for Harry Potter fans.

Potterhood: Harry Potter Fans Community

This is a pretty new mobile app where you will find wizards from all over the world. The app is having more than 20,000 downloads. It is available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. A simple but useful app just for Harry Potter fans.

Why you should download this Harry Potter App?

  1. You are a Potterhead!
  2. You will find Potterheads.
  3. Interesting feeds and streams.
  4. Quizzes and Contests hosted regularly.
  5. Live a parallel stress-free life.
  6. Reduces stress.
  7. Strict rules like Hogwarts.
  8. Less than 10MB in size.
  9. Made for iOS and Android both.
  10. People will love you if you post new and good stuff.
  11. Interesting discussions, competitions and giveaway.

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