A little flip through “A History of Magic” and “A Journey Through A History of Magic”

So, there’s been quite some excitement and anticipation about the release of new Harry Potter books this end of year… And as not everyone has a bookshop near their homes that would enable them to flip through those books and decide whether or not they’d want them both or just one of them, I thought it’d be nice to share some pictures from both books as I’ve purchased them both myself.

I do not of course own any rights to these books and have not taken every page in photo, but I’ve taken enough I think so that everyone will be able to make up their minds. As for my personal opinion, I think both books cover the exact same topics, and there are even paragraphs that are exactly the same. The biggest differences are that A History of Magic has a bit more of everything:  more pages, more texts and more pictures than A Journey Through A History of Magic, whereas the latter often show the pictures in bigger sizes. 

But enough spoken, here are the pictures of both books so you can see for yourself, starting with the bigger one!